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April is Parkinson’s awareness month

Click on the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation link below to see how you can get involved.


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10 Tips for Caregivers

care hands

  1. Seek support from other caregivers.  You are not alone!
  2. Take care of your own health so that you can be strong enough to take care of your loved one.
  3. Accept offers of help and suggest specific things people can do to help you.
  4. Learn how to communicate effectively with doctors.
  5. Caregiving is hard work so take respite breaks often.
  6. Watch out for signs of depression and don’t delay in getting professional help when you need it.
  7. Be open to new technologies that can help you care for your loved one.
  8. Organize medical information so it’s up to date and easy to find.
  9. Make sure legal documents are in order.
  10. Give yourself credit for doing the best you can in one of the toughest jobs there is!
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Say what!?


I just completed the Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT) program at Ft. Belvoir Community Hospital. I highly recommend this program for Parkinson’s sufferers. I had 16 sessions with an amazing speech therapist and her spectacular intern. The program helped me to become aware of how intentional I need to be when I speak. And that when I think I’m speaking loudly, my volume is actually just about right. I must continually be conscious about making a big effort to speak loudly and to breathe deeply before I speak to get the necessary pressure to increase my volume. I must also continue to practice to keep my voice strong. Thank you Joyce and Erica.

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I found my thrill on Capitol Hill

Pan 6Moving and shaking was privileged to advocate for Parkinson’s research on Capitol Hill as part of the Parkinson Action Network’s (PAN) biennial three-day conference, bringing together Parkinson’s advocates from across the nation. We met some amazing people and made many new friends. We spoke with congress members and their staff about supporting the Advancing Research for Neurological Diseases Act of 2015, and funding for the National Institutes of Health, the FDA, and the DoD Parkinson‘s research project. We learned about the latest in public policy and research in Parkinson’s disease.   A great time was had by all.

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Coconut oil

oilCoconut oil seems to help my medication work better by reducing the off time between doses. When I don’t have the coconut oil, it seems to take my medication longer to kick in. All coconut oil, however, is not the same. The best coconut oil is the unrefined organic virgin coconut oil. Good coconut oil costs about $8-10 for a 14 ounce jar. I usually take the coconut oil straight out of the jar by the teaspoon full. It doesn’t have much of a taste. I’ll take the coconut oil throughout the day. I always have some in the morning. Sometimes I mix it in my oatmeal or coffee. While at work, I take two pills (2000mg) of organic coconut oil. Then I’ll take one spoonful at supper time and one before bedtime.

To save money, look for it on sale or buy the super-size container.

Extra Tip

Certified organic virgin cold pressed coconut oil is also being used to aid the symptoms of Parkinson’s. People are getting good results with 1 tablespoon 2-3x daily.

– Dr. Edward F. Group III, DC, ND, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM

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Sleep, baby, sleep

sleepOne thing I know is that the better rested I am, the better I feel and the better my medicine works. The trouble is, when my body aches, which is whenever my medicine has stopped working, it is difficult to get comfortable and relax so I can sleep peacefully. My wife did some research to find a way to help me be more comfortable so I could sleep. She found three natural supplements that have helped me tremendously; they are: coconut oil, tart cherry concentrate, and magnesium citrate. I learned that I can use just one or a combination of these and I sleep much better. As a further benefit, I think the coconut oil helps my medicine to work better during the day. This has been a huge help to me. My wife informed me that coconut oil is a healthful fat that the brain needs to function properly. These supplements have improved my quality of life, and I’m grateful for my wife, who discovered these for me. P.S. Doctors might not agree that supplements help, but they help me.