Sleep, baby, sleep

sleepOne thing I know is that the better rested I am, the better I feel and the better my medicine works. The trouble is, when my body aches, which is whenever my medicine has stopped working, it is difficult to get comfortable and relax so I can sleep peacefully. My wife did some research to find a way to help me be more comfortable so I could sleep. She found three natural supplements that have helped me tremendously; they are: coconut oil, tart cherry concentrate, and magnesium citrate. I learned that I can use just one or a combination of these and I sleep much better. As a further benefit, I think the coconut oil helps my medicine to work better during the day. This has been a huge help to me. My wife informed me that coconut oil is a healthful fat that the brain needs to function properly. These supplements have improved my quality of life, and I’m grateful for my wife, who discovered these for me. P.S. Doctors might not agree that supplements help, but they help me.


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