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In Sickness and In Health: Caring For Each Other

Wonderful article. Thank you Dr. Maria De Leon and Lucy.

Women With Parkinson's Disease

We are so lucky, many of us, to have a spouse or other close family member to act as caregiver.  And there are many support groups, articles,  books and advisers to tell these people how not to burn out so as to be useful to their spouses. For this post, however, we’re addressing spouses who are the care-recipient, those of us who struggle with medical challenges so we can be more aware and compassionate about its impact on our spouses.

Dr. Maria De Leon offered to address this issue for us.  She’s been on both sides of the care-giver/care recipient fence so brings a unique perspective to the topic.  Following my post is Dr. De Leon’s take on the care-giver issue.  At the meeting in May, we can learn from each other by hearing from different philosophies and approaches, strategies that have worked and what we’ve learned.

Ed Kathy

In Sickness and In Health


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