Parkinson’s mystery


Parkinson’s mystery

Can riding a bike or dancing cure Parkinson’s?  I wish they could, but they can’t.  I have heard of occurrences when people with Parkinson’s possess the ability to perform some physical activity, such as boxing, that it leads one to believe this activity can heal them.  Their ability to perform such activity seems miraculous.

The bottom line is this – exercise benefits those with Parkinson’s.  And the lesson is to keep moving and to stay strong.  I have noticed a similar phenomenon in my life. When my medicine wears off, and my gait is reduced to a shuffle, as the man in the video presents – it is actually easier for me to run, than it is for me to walk. My ability to move has to do with maintaining momentum and making strong, bold motions. Michael J. Fox can perform a similar feat.  He can ice skate and play hockey with such skill that his Parkinson’s is almost unnoticeable.  I think his ability to do this because he has to exert himself to perform the task.

The Lee Silverman Voice Treatment program is based on a similar concept.  The idea that making a concentrated effort and pushing oneself to enunciate loudly can help Parkinson’s patients, who suffer with a weak voice, to speak clearly. It’s all about effort.  Those who suffer with the disease must understand, the best thing they can do for themselves is not to give in to the feelings of immobility and rigidity, but to stay active and to keep moving.  As Tom Petty wrote, “I don’t know, but I’ve been told…you never stop moving and you’ll never grow old.”

One thought on “Parkinson’s mystery

  1. Well put. I keep seeing the articles about boxing and Parkinson’s, and I just shake my head. You are absolutely correct- the point is to exercise.


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