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I hope this inspires you as much as it does me.


3 comments on “My new tags

  1. I try to take it day by day, it is the only way to go. Some days I’m ready to end it all other days I see hope and an extension on my quality of life. Just read an article on the extened shelf quality of life that DBSI provides. There is always a but – this one is that DBSI has little to no effect or inpact on drooling, I have gotten used to the “but” following a statement on the advancement of treating and curing PD.

    Thank you Bill W for having this blog, resource and tool


    • Paul,
      I know how you feel. Here is something to think about when making decisions.
      At times you will feel like quitting or giving up. You’ll tell yourself the battle is too hard and it’s just not worth it. This happens when you’re not feeling well and it’s difficult to move. I am especially susceptible to this during the medicines off periods. Make decisions when you feel well. Then remind yourself, you’ve already made the decision that you’re going to fight this disease as long as there is breath in your lungs. Go by what you know, not what you feel.

      My decision is that I know I have a lot to live for and that I want to live. I remind myself of this decision when I feel like “I’m ready to end it all.” I know that soon my meds will kick on again and I’ll feel better.


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