Exerstrider videos

Exerstrider Instructional DVD – Exerstrider Method

In the Nordic walking technique video you will learn about: Preparing the equipment, Installing the Optional bell-shaped tips, Setting up the OS2 poles, Stowing the OS2 poles, Installing the large snow baskets on the OS2 poles, Installing the small baskets on the OS2 poles, The new ERGO/SC strapless comfort grip, How Exerstriding works, The handshake & the pump handle, Exerstriding is as simple as walking, Learning the techniques: The transition method, Proper arm motion

Practice makes perfect: Some fine points of technique

Controlling the tip, FAQ, How do I maximize weight loss?, Where can I use Exerstrider? How fast should I Exerstride?

More Exerstrider Videos:

Pole assisted bends and squats, Range of motion exercises, Warm-up and stretches, Hand dexterity exercises

Fitness walking instruction

Stability for Mobility Instruction

Introduction to Exerstriding Equipment

Raising your heart rate


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