Live Green CBD gummies

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I’ve been experimenting with Live Green’s cannabidiol (CBD) oil gummies my wife got me for Christmas and have discovered something interesting.  The CBD gummies help me to sleep much better.  As a result of getting a restful nights sleep, I wake up feeling energized.  I don’t feel foggy in the morning like I usually do.  I also take less medicine and can still function reasonably well.  Using the CBD I have eliminated by regular 9 p.m. dose and my nightly dose the continuous release medicine.  I think the less medicine I take the better.    I take one CBD gummy before bedtime.  I’ll continue using the CBD gummies and keep you posted.  By the way, these gummies are expensive.

The CBD gummies do not have THC in them so they don’t get you high.

Enough is enough


Here are some inspirational thoughts from Kumite Quest – a warrior with Parkinson’s disease.

Five steps forward and two steps back is still three steps forward.  We are at war with an enemy that shadows our existence, knows how to physically and mentally assault us!!  We are strong however and we will endure and find beauty and joy in the day to day nuisances of our existence, we will not go into the shadows willingly.  We are the first wave of resistance against this global Pan Continental Epidemic called Parkinson’s’ Disease.

We are called to arms in this battle against a disease that is growing faster than humanity care to acknowledge and recognize. This is an enemy that lays dormant in us slowly creeping its way to the surface to be diagnosed and seen for the threat that it is to our global communities years after. It assault on us is individually tailored and crippling.

Enough is enough! Let us pick up the shield and sword that Michael J. Fox has so valiantly wielded against Parkinson’s and our societies ignorance, denial, or fear to address publicly.

Excuse my ranting and raving, I no longer apologize for miss spelled words because the tremors that over take my hands and makes hitting the correct keys almost impossible seizes my body that was once a fine tuned physical instrument impossible to control.