Sleep, baby, sleep

sleepOne thing I know is that the better rested I am, the better I feel and the better my medicine works. The trouble is, when my body aches, which is whenever my medicine has stopped working, it is difficult to get comfortable and relax so I can sleep peacefully. My wife did some research to find a way to help me be more comfortable so I could sleep. She found three natural supplements that have helped me tremendously; they are: coconut oil, tart cherry concentrate, and magnesium citrate. I learned that I can use just one or a combination of these and I sleep much better. As a further benefit, I think the coconut oil helps my medicine to work better during the day. This has been a huge help to me. My wife informed me that coconut oil is a healthful fat that the brain needs to function properly. These supplements have improved my quality of life, and I’m grateful for my wife, who discovered these for me. P.S. Doctors might not agree that supplements help, but they help me.

Strengthen your caregiver

careHow can Parkinson’s patients help their caregivers stay strong? By giving their best effort when undergoing therapy. When diagnosed, Parkinson’s patients and caregivers are told there is no cure for the disease and that their condition will progressively worsen. Hearing this news can be depressing. There are, however, many treatments programs available to help Parkinson’s patients resist the disease’s debilitating effects. An example of such therapy is the Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT) program. I can say the LSVT program has helped me by teaching me strategies to overcome Parkinson’s symptoms. (I talk about the LSVT strategies in another post) The fact is my voice is getting stronger and the concepts I’ve learned in therapy can be used in other areas of my life. This improvement has encouraged my wife. She said that seeing my progress has given her hope that we can enjoy some success at keeping the symptoms at bay. We don’t have to sit hopelessly by and wait for my condition to deteriorate. So, by giving maximum effort to my therapy, I not only help myself, I’ve strengthened my caregiver.

Action plan

planFebruary 10, 2015 – Having a positive mental attitude (PMA) is great, but a PMA must have an action plan.  I see a lot of Parkinson’s websites that emphasize the importance of keeping a PMA – and that is good.  Having a PMA, however, without an action plan, is like having a nice shiny car with no gas.  An action plan will give you something to shoot for – a goal to achieve.  Ask yourself, “What do I want to accomplish?”  Having an action plan and a goal will help you maintain a PMA because you will be able to see your progress and you will be focused externally rather than internally.

DBS battery change

DBS bat (2)February 5, 2015 – I had the battery for my deep brain stimulation (DBS) system changed today.  I had the first battery for about 2 ½ years.  The surgery went well – I was awake for the procedure, but don’t remember a thing.    The folks at Medtronics gave me a rechargeable battery – that means I shouldn’t need surgery again for approximately 6-9 years.